<hero description="Hey guys its djolly18 here! This wikia is mainly gonna be about my clan, Sageclan and eveything that goes on in and outside of it! My clan name is Oakstar! i do play animal jam so make sure to grammer me!" imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>

Sageclan Wiki Edit

Hello and welcome to Sageclan wiki. Here everything you need to know about the role playing clan, Sageclan on the game Animal jam. The clan is mainly for members with free chat, but we will accept other good rolers. I would like you not to edit this unless i give your permission, Usually through Jam-a-grams, Comments, my message wall, or any other way you can contact me. My clan is invite only, want to join? Jam-a-gram me or post in the comments telling about your beliefs, name, Wanted rank, How you found out about the clan, Why you want to join, your Former pack/clan/tribe and an example of a roeling move.

About Sageclan on Animal Jam Edit

Sageclan is a group of "cats" role playing together. Clans on Animal Jam where inspired by bestselling series warriors, by Erin Hunter. Its lead by Silverstar and her username is Djolly18.

Latest Activity on the website Edit

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Me right under my high rock and deputy stone!