Welcome to Sageclan101! This is my little corner of the internet that i have all to myself in the game Animal jam! Here i will be telling you about me as Silverstar in my new clan Sageclan!

Silverstar is a rare type of White and silver calico with a black underbelly. She can be strict and nice depending on her mood in and outside of the clan. Silverstar likes to go along with her cats and watch them as they go on patrols and to train there apprentice. Sometimes, and which cases shes bored, she might play as a canine. Silverstar can be a funny person when shes not rolling, at this time she likes to be called dash or Silverybae. These nicknames make it convenient for members and non members in the game. Sometimes Silverstar will not role for a certain period of time but it only because she is working on the clans website on Animal Jam Clans Wiki :3 Silverstar is 100% loyal to her clan and cats and will do just about anything for them. There's alot more to know about Silverstar but your gonna have to join to find out.