Intro Edit

As you trot through the thick woods you spot a plump thrush just a little way away. Your stomach grumbles loudly but you know that your in clan territory and that it was forbidden to hunt there, especially since your a rouge. Your stomach grumbles again. Maybe just one... The clan has so much prey anyway i mean what would one little thrush do? After thinking it over with yourself you drop into a hunting crouch. You creep closer and closer, and your mouth begins to water. When there's only a tail length between you and the fat bird, you spring up but in mid-air your thrown out of the way. Before you hit the ground you spot a chestnut tabby tom kill the thrush swiftly and a Red shecat with lighter swirly stripes give him an approving nod. You hit the ground hard on your back, knocking the air out of you for a few moments. Before you gain the energy to get back up a light brown tabby shecat pins you down. "What do you think your doing in Sageclan territory, ignoring the fact that you where stealing prey," The shecat hissed loudly. With the air still trying to return to your body all you can do is put your tail between your legs submissively. The red shecat padded forward growling "Pathetic creature, a disgrace to our species, What shall we do with it Owltail," She asked the tabby standing over you. Owltail gives you a thoughtful look then turns back to the shecat. "This cat might be useful to Stormstar we shall return to camp, besides Stormstar says to take all rouges that we don't chase off or kill back to camp," They both nodded and Owltail lifted her paw to let you up. Instead of running you let them surround you in a protective formation that you cannot escape and head east.

Rules in Sageclan Edit

I have very strict rules and who join my clan. To join you must have and know the required below;

  1. Have read at least 2 warriors books
  2. You must know how to role (fight, patrol, hunt, etc.)
  3. Do not harm fellow clanmates or allies.
  4. no KITTYPETS, OP (overpowered; massive, long claws or teeth, etc.) cats or CANINE.
  5. Participate in all clan activities
  6. Be serious at all times when rolling, don't make me say Role Mode more than once.

There are other rules but you will have to join, considering you will, to find out. I have many rules that i do announce during the first meeting to the cats, if you choose to leave then you will not be accepted back into the clan. Edit

Ranks Edit

Leader: The leader must be respected and obeyed at all times, if anyone decides to disobey the leader the will be punished and possibly exiled, depending on what the disobeyed. This rank has full responsibility of the clan and every cat in it. ~Not Changeable Or Challengeable~

Deputy: The deputy deserves much respect but not as much as the leader. He/She is able to deputy carries out orders, such as patrols, and fills in while the leader is gone or off. ~Not Changeable Or Challengeable~

Medicine den: The medicine cat is the healer of the clan. When someone is injured they will go straight to the medicine den. This cat must know all the herbs and Stay in the camp at all times unless they are going to the moonpool or out collecting herbs. The medicine cat is not to be questioned with, He/She knows whats best for your health. ~Not Changeable Or Challengeable~

Top Warriors: Top Warriors are the most respected warriors in the clan and are usually the most loyal and/or the best fighters. They are able to arrange and choose cats to go with them on patrols. Top Warriors will also attended meetings in the leaders den along with the deputy. (There can only be a maximum of 10 Top Warriors in the clan, so DON'T ASK to be one or else i can guarantee that you wont.) ~Not Changeable Or Challengeable~

Top Apprentice: Top apprentice are apprentice trained by Top warriors, the deputy, or, on rare occasions, the leader will take in an apprentice. Top apprentice usually become top warriors. ~Not Changeable Or Challengeable~

Apprentice: Apprentice are trained/mentor by warriors. They must obey everyone except fellow apprentice and kits. ~Not Changeable Or Challengeable~

Queens: Queens are shecats expecting or nursing kits ~Not Changeable Or Challengeable~

Kits: Kits are the offspring of queens. They become apprentice when there 6 moons old. (1 moon= 1 week and 2 days, 2 moons= 1 week, 3 moons= 6 days, 4 moons= , 4 moons= 1 week, and about to be 6 moons= 1 day in the clan time) ~Not Changeable Or Challengeable~

Elders: Elders are the oldest cats in the clan. They deserve respect but not nearly as much as the leader and deputy. There only responsibility in the clan is caring for themselves. ~Not Changeable Or Challengeable~

Inside Camp Activities Edit

Battle Training: Battle training is usually happens when warriors have to many apprentice. The clan goes to one of the training grounds outside of the camp and do battle training. When this starts Warriors and apprentice pick there partners unless i assign them already. On some occasions me and my deputy will join in on the training, usually partnering with each other or one of the top warriors. Claws must be sheathed and if i see anyone with claws out or find anyone injured i will address them immediately. If i find out it was on purpose or they don't stop immediately its a good chance it will lead to exile. (Elders, queens, and kits aren't allowed to come along the battle training. 4 Warriors will stay and guard the camp)

Ambush Training: Ambush training happens when we are expected to battle someone or when we want to raid a camp. I choose 4 warriors (depending on how many cats are on) ahead of time to pick out who they wish to take with them on the ambush training. Then they will head off into the desired territory (i will choose who gets first pick) and talk about there strategy. Me, the deputy, and a few Top Warrior will accompany them and supervise. We will keep in touch with the Wall or by Jam-a-gramming. (There is NO prize, if you decided not to participate you will be punished. Elders, Queens, and Kits aren't allowed to participate. 4 Warriors must stay and guard the camp.)

Clan Locations (Tree House den) Edit

Black Den: Warriors - The warriors den is the second biggest den in the camp. Its placed in a cave hollowed out by a river that used to run there, this explains the sandy ground underpaw. The vines of a large Oak tree hang down into the upper left corner of the den. This den is usually full due to the large amount of warriors.

Black den with red pillow at the front: Top Warrior - The Top Warriors den is just at the side of the Warriors den bushes line the back of the den while the vines of trees cover the entrance

Purple: Apprentice/Top Apprentice den - This den is just across form the Warriors den. A pond lays at the back of the den. The Apprentice sleep in the smaller part of the den on the right side and the Top Apprentice stay in the right part, Apprentice and Top Apprentice are not to switch or stay in each others dens. Tall bamboo and smaller bushes line the den while a large stone arch keeps out most bad weather.

Yellow den: Elders - The elders den is the smallest den to the camp due to the lack of elders. Bushes take up most of the den while a thick vines hang at the entrance. The den has been placed into a small stone hollow.

Green den with fog: Leaders den - The leaders den lays behind to thick low trees. A permanent cloud of mist lays in the middle of the den due to the small pool of water in the center of it. Several branches of trees have merged to create a thick leafy arch over the den and vines have been placed into any gaps.

Multi-colored den: Medicine den - The medicine den is the biggest den in the camp. This den has been placed into a hollowed out stone dip. A small pool lays in a corner of the den with mist floating over it. Some say the mist aids medicine cat in having dreams and omens from starclan.

Pink den: Nursery - The nursery is the last and furthest back den in the camp. Raids would have to get past the warriors, apprentice, and Leader to get to the kits and queens resting inside. This den is usually filled with playful, mischievous kits.

Highrock, meeting place: 3rd Floor

Fresh Kill pile: Near a rock arch carved out by a dried pool with sand laying at the bottom

Training grounds: In one of the territories or in the clearing (all territories when doing ambush training depending on how many teams there are)

Cats of Sageclan Edit

Rank Username Clan name
Leader Djolly18 Valrdin
Deputy Oscar22152 Owltail
Medicine cat Skipper7880 Nightfall
Medicine cat Berkheimerr Goldfeather
Medicine cat Ap. Kitkatlover992 Spirit
Top Warrior Latrale4358 Midnightfeather
Top Warrior Warriorcat320 Crystaltail
Top Warrior Girlmeetsworld223 Dovemist
Warrior Blossomsnowy31330 Squirrelflight
Warrior Blobfish123 Ravenwing
Warrior Izzyc213 Jinx
Warrior Jewel04 ?
Warrior Jammer7nd6j ?
Warrior Pikachu1524 Leapordpelt
Warrior Cheetahweetah Thundermuzzle
Warrior Pokegirl144564 Darkclaw
Warrior xxdjolly18xx Starlight
Warrior Horsey142 Suntail
Warrior Climber1934 Raven
Warrior Ghostempire ?
Warrior Ilovewolves565 Silentstep
Apprentice Gracie0789 Fallenpaw
Apprentice Angelheart04 Splashpaw
Apprentice Immaidmarin Featherpaw
Apprentice Maddiebear5504 lilypaw
Apprentice Slkkls spottedpaw
Apprentice Sky71713 Sky
Kit Werewolf25425 ?
Kit ? Soulkit

Mentors - Apprentice List Edit

Mentor user Mentor Clan name Apprentice user Apprentice clan name
Warriorcat320 Crystaltail Sky71713 Sky
Oscar22152 Owltail Immaidmarin Featherpaw
Horsery142 Suntail Angelheart04 Splashpaw
Djolly18 Valrdin Gracie0789 Fallenpaw
Girlmeetsworld223 Dovemist Maddiebear5504 Lilypaw
Ilovewolves565 Silentstep Slkkls Spottedpaw

~Required Wear~ Edit

Accepted Edit

  • Spartan armor
  • Foxhats
  • Elf bracelets
  • Elf tail armor
  • Raccoon tail
  • Leaf necklace (depends)
  • Legendary glove
  • skull helmets (depends)
  • Rare and non rare spikes
  • Swords (depends)


Not Accepted Edit

  • Leaf bracelets
  • Horns
  • Anything else besides whats on the Accepted list

**Openings** Edit

Sageclan has open for all ranks. There are a total of 18 cats in the clan currently but i tend to gain cats quickly. Our goal is a total of 50 cats or more in the clan. (I prefer members with free chat but if your a good roler i will make an acceptation. If you decide not to join because the clan is small now then that is your loss.)

Clan GroundsEdit

The lake, (Zios) Stoneledge, (Kimbara) The Frost, (MT.Shivver) The Forest (Saperia) and The Mudpool (Appondale) in Elbe and Atlas.

~About us~ Edit

  • We believe in starclan but we tend to go dark when fighting.
  • We show zero mercy to enemies or trespassers.
  • We are very active
  • I severely punish or exile any traitors or 2 clan cats
  • I only accept active cats (Tell me or my deputy if your going to be gone for a while)
  • We try our best and never give up
  • I make sure that everyone is having fun in the clan while still keeping order
  • We never leave a cat behind

Beliefs Edit

We belief in Starclan but we do have friends in the Darkforest which is hwy we tend to go dark at times. Some cats have a stronger bond to the Darkforest then others (Parents, Kin, Mates, etc.)

Name Selection Edit

I accept both rouge and clan names although i don't like extremely long names. I also like creative names and wont accept most names from any of the cats in the Warriors books. If a cat in the clan already has the same name as you i will ask you to change it, if you decided not to i will ask you to leave the clan. Your name might change in the future.

Tag Color Edit

Green (This color may change between brown, black, and gold during ambush training depending on how many teams there are) Edit

Allies Edit

1. Eac101 Edit

Clan: Ashclan Edit

2. Seneria: Nightstar Edit

Clan: Valleyclan Edit

3. Eclipsing: Amnesia Edit

Clan: Ruthlessclan Edit

4. XxautumndragonxX: ????? Edit

Clan: Shadowclan Edit

5. Aspenbreeze: Hawkstar Edit

Clan: Cypressclan Edit

6. XxRoesellawarriorxX Edit

Clan: Lightforest Edit

7. Fuzzypaw09: Fatestar Edit

Clan: Stormclan Edit

8. THSH04Cute: ? Edit

Clan: Riverclan Edit

If you would like to be an ally grammar me or post in the comments

^^Enemies^^ Edit

All Canines in the Canines of Sunginue: Mudclaw95 Edit

2002betagirl2002: Whitetail Edit

 :Info to Join: Edit

Wanted rank:


Why you want to join:

How you found out about the clan:

Former clan/pack/tribe:



Example or roleplaying move:

EX. Edit

Wanted rank: Stoneheart

Why you want to join: I think its a great clan

How you found out about the clan: I saw some of your warriors in the forest talking about your clan

Former clan/pack/tribe: None

Beliefs: Starclan

Description: Gray tabby tom with black splotches

Example of roleplaying move: Vv she sunk her long reinforced claws into the toms stomach while biting her fangs down on his neck, drawing blood vV

Polls :3 c: ^O^ Edit

One of my Top warriors, Owltail, suggested that we have Night guard :3 i want to know what you guys think about having morning guards, Daily guards, Night guards, or no guards at all.


The poll was created at 18:51 on July 15, 2015, and so far 0 people voted.

Another pole. Anatomy. I personally hate it but i guess it makes clan official in some weird way. Again i hate anatomy


The poll was created at 09:05 on July 21, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

Pollleeeee c:^O^. The kits in my clan like to go "adventuring" outside the camp. I was thinking we have guards to watch them

Nursery Guards

The poll was created at 09:05 on July 21, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

More poles :3 Random cats tend to walk into the camp, I think that we need camp guards to confront those cats

Camp Guards

The poll was created at 09:05 on July 21, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

Gallery Edit

You can add any pictures as long as they have something to do with Sageclan :3